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About the Kongs


Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong were born in Miami, Florida, and have an incredible story. Diddy Kong just turned one year old on August 19, 2016, and Yeti Kong will turn one year old in a few months. When Diddy Kong was born, his Mom and siblings died upon birth. We had to bring him in and show him an incredible life. We decided to get Yeti Kong after learning how important it is for monkeys to have a playmate. Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong are BEST friends and do everything together!

Charity Efforts

We are currently working with a company that is creating a game for an animal rescue! Stay tuned..

We              Charity

Klique App

We are working with the Klique App and Klique For A Cause in our efforts to raise money for animal charities. Klique is the new group meeting app which makes it fun and safe to meet new people, with your friends by your side!

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